#2205 return statement discarded if expected operand missing

Erik Petrich
Oleg N. Cher

1: Sample code that reproduces the problem.

static char m;

void *two__init (void)

2: Exact command used to run SDCC on this sample code

sdcc -mz80 -c two.c

3: SDCC version

SDCC : mcs51/gbz80/z80/z180/r2k/r3ka/ds390/pic16/pic14/TININative/ds400/hc08/s08
/stm8 3.3.1 #8807 (Aug 18 2013) (MINGW32)

4: Copy of the error message or incorrect output, or a clear description of the observed versus expected behavior.

SDCC absoultely does not generate any code for the line "if(m)return;"
two.c:5: warning 110: conditional flow changed by optimizer: so said EVELYN the
modified DOG

;two.c:3: void *twoinit (void)
; ---------------------------------
; Function two
; ---------------------------------
;two.c:6: m=1;
ld iy,#_m
ld 0 (iy),#0x01

But if just replace "return" to "return 0" - the problem disappears.


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  • If the bug is related to the peephole optimizer or peephole rules, it should go away when compiling using --no-peep.


    • labels: Z80 peephole optimizer static variable -->
    • Category: Z80 --> other
  • I can reproduce this issue in the latest version. It is not related to the peephole optimizer; it also happens for ports other than z80 (tried hc08).
    The bug goes away when the function is changed to return void instead of void*.

    Also, I do not know if this really is a bug: Not returning a value in a function declared tor eturn void * might invoke undefined behaviour, but I want to have a look at the standard before making a judgement.


  • Hmm, apparently ISO C99 and ANSI C89 allow this if the return value is not used by the calling function. In ISO C99 and ISO C11 it is a constraint violation.
    So IMO this should be considered a (front-end) bug when using --std-c89. It might make sense for sdcc to produce the same code as in ANSI C89 mode for all modes (unless we lose some optimizations for conforming code that way).


    • Category: other --> Front-end
    • summary: Probably is it a peephole optimizer's bug? --> if omitted in C89/C90 code that is not valid C99
  • Oleg N. Cher
    Oleg N. Cher

    Hi Philipp,

    This code with a void* function that must returns a value, but not returns, is generated automatically by Ofront (Oberon-2 to C trasnlator). Please see how we find the problem. That code works good under tcc (gcc), but not works in SDCC:


    Also, I do not know if this really is a bug: Not returning a value in a function declared tor eturn void * might invoke undefined behaviour.

    And the business is not only in having a right result after calling of the function - for this case it doesn't matter. The problem is that needed code with statement, that must return from the function, will be optimized (or was not generated) at all. And independently from result - returns it, or not. In other words - it is not question about is there right result returned from a function, or not right, but must not be breaking the logic of internal returns from the function at all. Or do you think that

    1) Returning wrong result in a function if it is not specified


    2) Not generating returning code from any place of a function (except end) at all

    is the same?

  • Maarten Brock
    Maarten Brock

    I think that modifying a variable that should not have been modified is a little far from undefined behavior for a missing return statement. I would have expected the return of corrupt data or even no return at all, but this?

    Further I expect this to be another display of a constant '1' being 'promoted' to _Bool. After that the front-end decides that m is always true after the conditional assignment.

  • When using --nolabelopt, the problöem does not appear:

    sdcc -mz80 test.c --fverbose-asm --std-c89 --nolabelopt --i-code-in-asm


    ;test.c:5: if(m)return;
    ;ic:2:  if _m [k2 lr0:0 so:0]{ ia0 a2p0 re0 rm0 nos0 ru0 dp0}{char fixed} != 0 goto _iffalse_0($2)
    ;   genIfx
    ; peephole 16 loaded _m into a directly instead of going through iy.
        ld  a,(#_m + 0)
        or  a, a
        jr  NZ,00102$
    ; peephole 155 changed absolute to relative conditional jump.
    ;ic:3:   goto _iffalse_0($2)
    ;   genGoto
    ;ic:4:  _iftrue_0($1) :
    ;   genLabel
    ;ic:5:  _iffalse_0($2) :
    ;   genLabel
    ; peephole 65a eliminated jump.
    ; peephole 149 removed unused label 00101$.
    ;test.c:6: m=1;
    ;ic:7:  _m [k2 lr0:0 so:0]{ ia1 a2p0 re0 rm0 nos0 ru0 dp0}{char fixed} := 0x1 {const-char literal}
    ;   genAssign
        ld  iy,#_m
        ld  0 (iy),#0x01
    ;ic:8:  _return($3) :
    ;   genLabel
    ; peephole 149 removed unused label 00103$.
    ;ic:9:  eproc _two__init [k1 lr0:0 so:0]{ ia0 a2p0 re0 rm0 nos0 ru0 dp0}{int function ( ) __reentrant fixed}
    ;   genEndFunction
  • Maarten Brock
    Maarten Brock

    I hate to disappoint you but the problem is still there. The label 00102$ appears too early.

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