#13 project runs in simulator but not in real life

Daniel Dorau

I have a problem with sdcc 2.2.0 . I have successfully compiled a
x51 project which uses the serial port and which already worked
with an older version of sdcc. The current version is a modified
version which should replace the old one. However it doesn't work.
It compiles successfully and when using the simulator
's51 -s /dev/ttyp1 project.ihx' it prints its startup message
to the serial port as expected. In real live however, it does
nothing at all. The hardware is ok, it's running fine with the
old version.
I'm at my wit's end. Can you give me an advice what to do?


  • Daniel Dorau
    Daniel Dorau

    I made some more tests and it durned out that my project stopped
    working after changing the declaration of three variables from
    'unsigned int' to 'unsigned long'. In the s51 simulator it still runs
    but as already said, in real life it stopped working after that
    int to long change.
    I looked for compiler switches I may have missed but didn't found
    anything that would solve my problem.
    I don't use the 'unsignd long' variables in any interrupt handler
    so that may not be the problem.
    Any ideas why it still runs in the simulator but not in real life anymore?

  • Daniel Dorau
    Daniel Dorau

    Shame on me! I found that with using longs my code was
    to big to fit into the microcontrollers program memory.

    You may close this bug.

  • Sandeep Dutta
    Sandeep Dutta

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    Need more details, check for stack overflow

  • Sandeep Dutta
    Sandeep Dutta

    • status: open --> closed