#6239 COMI: Haggis Crash

Monkey Island 3
Dave BT

The initial shipwreck scenes on Blood Island run ok however on returning to the location to get the hand cream, COMI crashes. Running the latest (English) Win 32 1.5.0 SCUMMVM downloaded yesterday 26/01/13 and running Windows 7. This has been a constant crash point for 18 months for me on 2 different laptops.


  • Dave BT
    Dave BT

    COMI Haggis crash

  • Dave BT
    Dave BT

    • summary: Haggis Crash --> Haggis Crash - COMI
  • I had no problem getting the hand lotion (running the development version of ScummVM under Linux), and I think I listened to at least most of what Haggis had to say about it. Could it be that your game data files have been corrupted or truncated somehow? If so, voxdisk2.bun would probably be the prime suspect. To rule that out, you could try copying the files again from the original CDs.

    As a last resort, I guess you could try disabling speech though that'd be a workaround, not a solution.

    • summary: Haggis Crash - COMI --> COMI: Haggis Crash
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