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#6100 PS2: Crash on Loom (PCE)

Loom CD/Talkie
Logan B

When I try to add Loom (PCE) from USB, ScummVM hangs. If I edit the scummvm.ini on the mc to include Loom, it crashes on startup. It isn't my copy of the game, as it works on the PC version of ScummVM.


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  • This is a duplicate of bug #3493317 "SCUMM: Detecting Loom PCE without 16bpp support crashes".

    The PS2 does not have support for Loom PC-Engine. If you are trying to detect/run it with any ScummVM versions which supports Loom PCE for other ports and the version is 1.4.1 or older this will happen. It has been fixed in the development builds and the fix should also be in 1.5.0.

    If this happens for you with a 1.5.0pre build or 1.6.0git, please comment on this again.

    • summary: PS2 Crash on Loom (PCE) --> PS2: Crash on Loom (PCE)
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  • This has not been closed automatically, and it's pretty old now. Closing manually.

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