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#6038 xcode.cpp needs a license clarification


devtools/create_project/xcode.cpp includes the text: "Heavily modified (not in a good way) function, imported from QMake XCode project generator (licensed under the QT license)".

The problem is there is no such a thing as a "QT license". Qt has been distributed in various licenses over the years, and not all of them where free or compatible with the GPL.


  • digitall

    To be clear, the devtools folders contain supplementary tools and are not generally necessary for building ScummVM.
    This file is part of the create_project tool, which builds IDE project files from our base POSIX style configure scripts to aid developers using IDEs and those platforms where the standard toolchain uses non-POSIX systems i.e. MSVC etc.

  • digitall

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  • digitall

    This code was added to our tree in commit 9854f1b48667b082f9ee1c377dcba5b44e92827b by littleboy as part of developing adding XCode output functionality to create_project, to aid in developers on Mac OSX.
    This occurred on 2011-06-02 19:09:46.
    By comparing the relevant code module in ScummVM:
    with the QT Qmake files, the code is based on/derived from:

    According to the header, this Qmake file can be used under various licenses including LGPL-2.1 and GPL-3.0.
    IANAL, but if I am reading this correctly, the LGPL-2.1 code is compatible with GPL-2 i.e. our nominal license and thus no licensing issue should exist here.

  • I agree. If the file could be updated with this information I would consider the bug fixed.

  • Raising priority. This is a release-critical bug.

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  • Confirmed and committed in 478fd0ed2957a766df2860c66fa476aa3665fc8f.

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