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#5983 SCI: LONGBOW: Wrong shade of grey for cursors

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Johann Walter

Using ScummVM 1.5.0git2420-g975801b on Win 7 64 bit. Playing Conquests of the Longbow (DOS, English, v 1.0 with official Sierra patch).

The cursors in Longbow mostly use black and white, but some of them (bow, look and especially talk) have some grey pixels. As shown in the attached file, the shade of grey used by ScummVM is much too dark (left is the original interpreter in DOSBox, right is ScummVM).


  • Johann Walter
    Johann Walter

    Left is original, right is ScummVM

  • This is due to the grey color used in the cursor palette.

    Adding the following hack in GfxCursor::kernelSetShape() after setting colorMapping[3] (similar to the LB1 one) makes the colors match, but it's not the right way to address this issue:
    if (g_sci->getGameId() == GID_LONGBOW)
    colorMapping[3] = _palette->matchColor(223, 223, 223); // Light Grey

    We need to determine if this color is hardcoded in the interpreter or set from the scripts themselves

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  • Added the aforementioned hack in 24e57808aa946ad38379b43ca205af6ef151c66a, which fixes the issue.