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#5887 PSP: No music in TeenAgent


I am trying to play Teen Agent on PSP using scummvm 1.3.1.
The game starts and there are sounds, but there is no music.
I have tried copying the teenagent.dat file to game directory too but it did not help.
Teenagent is downloaded from Under Windows with Scummvm 1.3.1 it works fine.

Am I missing something here? Or is this simply not supported under PSP?

Note that other games, work fine:they have both sounds and music.


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  • Grepping the sources indicates that teenagent is one of two engines, who use paula emulation code for music.
    Could you try operation stealth or future wars on psp?


  • Anonymous

    I've tried Operation Stealth and there was music.

  • Maybe someone stole another file descriptor :( Did you experience freezes while saving/loading?

  • Just tested on my psp (slim), and music works fine. Please check you've copied mmm.res file along with other game files.

  • After more intense testing I found out that music randomly stops playing one of four or maybe five restarts.

  • I found that music loading code lacks proper locking, but unfortunately I don't have setup for psp building right now, so cant check by myself. Please check next dev build (commit 5b89ef436628f8e1c82d4067abad6fed6f393d1b) by chance.


  • Anonymous

    Saving/Loading - no freezez, but I only use the scummvm save/load feature. Don't know how to bring up the in-game one under PSP.

    I checked and all the files are there. Can You share what setup do You have?
    Mine is: PSP Slim 3004 with original firmware 6.60. Scummvm 1.3.1 running through Half Byte Loader R118


  • Anonymous

    I have just tried the latest stable scummvm: 1.4.0pre27-g29dd6df with the newest teenagent.dat file and it is still the same - no music.

    Can you tell me how can I enable some logs to help resolve this problem?


  • Anonymous

    Can You help please?


  • 2011-12-03

    Same on PSP and Wii port, no music only some sound effects.

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