#5887 PSP: No music in TeenAgent


I am trying to play Teen Agent on PSP using scummvm 1.3.1.
The game starts and there are sounds, but there is no music.
I have tried copying the teenagent.dat file to game directory too but it did not help.
Teenagent is downloaded from GOG.com. Under Windows with Scummvm 1.3.1 it works fine.

Am I missing something here? Or is this simply not supported under PSP?

Note that other games, work fine:they have both sounds and music.


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  • Grepping the sources indicates that teenagent is one of two engines, who use paula emulation code for music.
    Could you try operation stealth or future wars on psp?


  • Anonymous

    I've tried Operation Stealth and there was music.

  • Maybe someone stole another file descriptor :( Did you experience freezes while saving/loading?

  • Just tested on my psp (slim), and music works fine. Please check you've copied mmm.res file along with other game files.

  • After more intense testing I found out that music randomly stops playing one of four or maybe five restarts.

  • I found that music loading code lacks proper locking, but unfortunately I don't have setup for psp building right now, so cant check by myself. Please check next dev build (commit 5b89ef436628f8e1c82d4067abad6fed6f393d1b) by chance.


  • Anonymous

    Saving/Loading - no freezez, but I only use the scummvm save/load feature. Don't know how to bring up the in-game one under PSP.

    I checked and all the files are there. Can You share what setup do You have?
    Mine is: PSP Slim 3004 with original firmware 6.60. Scummvm 1.3.1 running through Half Byte Loader R118


  • Anonymous

    I have just tried the latest stable scummvm: 1.4.0pre27-g29dd6df with the newest teenagent.dat file and it is still the same - no music.

    Can you tell me how can I enable some logs to help resolve this problem?


  • Anonymous

    Can You help please?


  • 2011-12-03

    Same on PSP and Wii port, no music only some sound effects.


  • Anonymous

    What is the status of this item?


  • Anonymous

    • status: open --> open-wont-fix

  • Anonymous

    Any chance fixing this up?

  • Please don't play with the settings of tracker entries.

    • status: open-wont-fix --> open
  • digitall

    • summary: No music in TeenAgent under PSP --> PSP: No music in TeenAgent
  • digitall

    Jota: Sorry about the wait, but our PSP porters are very busy and tracking these down can take a fair amount of time.

    To help us, please can you do the following:
    1. Attach a file listing of your Teenagent datafiles with file MD5sums to this bug as a text file? This is to eliminate missing or corrupted datafiles and ensure we know the exact version you are using. The output of a tool such as http://md5summer.org/ would be optimal.

    2. Please can you test with v1.3.1, v1.4.0, v1.4.1 and the latest git development snapshot from:
    and report the behaviour with each as a comment here. This is so we can ensure the bug is stil occuring and has not been fixed since you initially reported this bug.

    3. If all these versions exhibit no music, then can you test previous versions: v1.3.0, v1.2.1 etc. until you find one where the music worked and report the behaviour with each as a comment here. This is so we can locate if this is a regression from a previous version and thus locate the point at which the regression occurred.

  • digitall

    4. If you can setup a PC emulator for PSP and try this within it, the emulator debug output log may give some inication of what is going wrong with the music output.

    5. If you (or a friend who you can bribe with Money, Beer or Pizza) are capable of C/C++ development and you really want this fixed, then our source code is freely available at: https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm and we provide a PSP compilation guide at http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/Compiling_ScummVM/PlayStation_Portable, so please feel free to look at why this is happening, fix it and file this as a Github Pull Request!

    P.S. Please note, that I am not a PSP porter or Teenagent engine developer and only trying to provide some bug triage assistance and general help.

  • I tried this a couple of times, and if I run ScummVM in Valgrind (which, in addition to providing often useful error messages, also slows down things nicely) I never get any music during the intro. Running normally, there was only once that I didn't get any music.

    I think what may be happening is that ScummVM starts playing the music before actually loading the first music into memory. I'm thinking of these two lines in TeenAgentEngine::run() specifically:

    _mixer->playStream(Audio::Mixer::kMusicSoundType, &_musicHandle, music, -1, Audio::Mixer::kMaxChannelVolume, 0, DisposeAfterUse::NO, false);

    The mixer runs in a separate thread, and usually it gets past setMusic(1) before it tries to generate any sound from the channel. But if things happen just right, or you're running on a slower system (or deliberately slow it down with Valgrind or by adding a deliberate call to delayMillis() between the lines), the mixer will try to generate sound from the channel (see MixerImpl::mixCallback() in audio/mixer.cpp), decide that it has reached the end of the stream (_channels[i]->isFinished() returns true) and delete the channel.

    At least, I would guess that this is what happens. Changing the order of the two lines seems to fix things for me. I don't know for sure that this doesn't have any bad side effects, but it seems like a reasonable fix to me.

  • digitall

    eriktorbjorn: Thanks. I concur.

    Have committed a fix for this to master as 52a1a6e60b418f9f0bcca9b12ef631f6f8176786.

    Jota / koima57: Please check with the next nightly builds for PSP/Wii from buildbot:
    and confirm here if this fixes this for you.

  • digitall

    • assigned_to: nobody --> tdhs
    • status: open --> pending-fixed

  • Anonymous

    Teenagent md5


  • Anonymous


    Sorry for the late response.

    I tried running latest fix, from 20th of August and whenever I started Teenagent with this build it crashed/switched off my psp.
    All other games work fine with this build (like for example Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis).

    Maybe I have failed to mention that I am running scummvm through Half Byte Loader Version : rev 118 for 6.60 original PSP firmware?
    Should I be doing this any other way?

    To answer the questions/suggestions

    1. Attached is the MD5 sum of the Teenagent version I use.

    2. I can only find 1.4.1 version for PSP on the download page. Please help to find other stable releases for psp including the latest one.

    3. same as point no 2

    4. I will set it up and let you know

    5. I will see what I can do and let you know.


  • Anonymous

    • status: pending-fixed --> open-fixed
  • nitrus

    On a PSP 2000, firmware version 5.00 M33-6, using ScummVM 1.41:

    There indeed is no music (sound runs good), or at least it seems so.
    I tried overriding global audio settings, and then change the music device to something like the AdLib emulator, or FM-Towns, and the music worked too.

    Though when I restarted the game (Return to launcher -> Start Game), the music was gone again. Tried changing the device again to something else, and the music was back.

    Perhaps this might provide some insight.

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