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#5393 SQ1VGA: Crashes after first cinematic

SCI: Space Quest 1

Game and ScummVM crashes after first intro cinematic, while door opens and Roger Wilco appears. This is the terminal input:

WARNING: Attempt to read character from non-raw data!
WARNING: Error 6 occurred while reading sound.311 from resource file RESOURCE.000: Unknown compression method!
WARNING: resMan: Failed to read sound.311!
Segmentation fault.


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  • Unable to reproduce this here.

    As the error message says, the game's RESOURCE.000 file is most likely corrupted. Try copying it from the original disk and see if this fixes things

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  • nadersith

    It doesn't fix it. I managed to disable music and see if it works, but with no success.
    Then I turned on music again, and now, I don't know why, I can see Roger Wilco coming into the first room... BUT this is what I get, just before game crashes.

    scummvm: engines / sci / resource.cpp: 997: void Sci:: ResourceManager:: unlockResource (Sci:: Resource *): Assertion 'res' failed.

    What's happening?

  • nadersith

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  • Which version of SQ1VGA is this? Check inside the VERSION file
    What language is it?

  • nadersith

    This is what I get:

    Space Quest 1 - Spanish
    Disk 1

  • This sound is the door opening sound. Can you please provide the size of your RESOURCE.000 file? It does look like the file is damaged... thus there isn't much we can do about it, I'm afraid

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