#5344 i18n: Translations are not found

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Currently there is no way to specify where translations.dat file has to be kept. Ideally it should be put in same directory where GUI themes are.


  • Raising priority. This is a release-critical bug.

    • priority: 5 --> 9
    • summary: Translations are not found --> i18n: Translations are not found
  • kirben

    Why should a path even need to be set for the translation file? it is a single file, that a user shouldn't need to change.

    The file should be stored in the same location, at the other game engine data files.

  • Thierry Crozat
    Thierry Crozat

    I committed a change about a week ago so that the translations.dat file is found if it is in the Theme Path. The code is actually very similar to the code in the ThemeEngine and it works for me. However I only tested it on MacOS X (without a bundle since it was already working with an application bundle before).

  • I can tell that it works just fine in the CWD and themepath for me. I guess it should be fine with DATA_DIR (and all default setup paths in our SearchMan) too.

    I am not sure whether it is accepted in extrapath currently. I don't see this as a real bad thing, but since we allow themes to be present in extrapath too, it might be nice to check extrapath for translations.dat too.

  • Thierry Crozat
    Thierry Crozat

    It is indeed not currently accepted in extrapath. But are you sure that themes are accepted in extrapath? I didn't see it in the code and I just tested and my ScummVM cannot find themes in the extrapath,

    What I have seen in the code for the theme is that it uses the SearchMan and also look in the themepath and its sub-directories. This is what is done for the translation.dat file as well. So it seems to me that if ScummVM can find the scummmodern theme it should also find the translation.

  • Actually in the past there was code for that. It was probably removed.

    In any case I am not sure why we still have this report open though, I mean it's recognized in the default setup paths and themepath right now, right? Or is this report rather about making the code easier to adapt for a new location (wild guess)?

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    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Yes, I just checked the code it is suitable.