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scsigen v2.0: Pre-Alpha screenshots available.

Initial pre-alpha screenshots for version 2.0 of both the GUI and CLI have been made available:

Posted by Hydra Systems, LLC 2009-01-22

SCSI Gen[erator] v2.0 in Development!!!

Great News: The scsigen project has resumed with the planning and development of v2.0. Initially v1.x was supported on Linux 2.6 kernels and Sun Solaris 9 & 10. This release will extend its support to OpenSolaris and Microsoft Windows. On top of over a dozen new features, the integration of the SCSITrace bus analyzer module will also be included in this release. The idea and goal is to make scsigen a cross-platform full storage management solution suite for developers, test engineers to even storage administrators.... read more

Posted by Hydra Systems, LLC 2009-01-12