#8 Problems Installing

Mike Whitehouse


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    I am currently running Mandrake 7 and am having
    problems installing screem from a src.rpm package. When
    the package enters into the configure stage I get the
    error "Could not fing the gnomeConf.sh file that is
    generated by gnome-libs install. I am running Gnome in
    X-windows so I would assume that the librarys should be
    installed. But if they are not where could I get them?
    I am sort of New to linux so please try to be as
    explicit as possible when instructing me in the


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    You haven't got the gnome-libs-devel (or whatever mandrake
    calls it) installed.

    However there is a 0.3.0 rpm for mandrake floating around, a
    quick search on google or with rpmfind should locate it and
    may be easier for you to use than a src rpm

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    ok, I just installed Helix Gnome so I have the most updated
    versions of all the devel libraries etc. And the gnome
    libriaries works now. Now the hang up is the GTK+ libs. For
    some reason it can't compile or link to the version part of
    the config. I ran the config and get 0.9.0 so I know the
    version is fine. How do I get around this?

  • David A Knight
    David A Knight

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    Mandrake 7.2 now has an rpm of screem 0.3.0 which you could
    install if you are still having problems... if you are still
    interested in using screem that is :-)