#41 Transportation from Files and Nautilus as "From file" usin


1) Ability to include files carried by "Files" (ctrl + f4) as allowing "From file" using a button type "Ctrl" and allowing you to load in this way, even if carried by Nautilus externally

2) Ability to hide all the folders in "Files" (ctrl + f4) except those with specific symbols Nautilus as urgent, special, certified, and even ordering in the ladder with a small editor (choosing the first symbols to be able to see at the top in "Files" (ctrl + f4))




  • ok! a problem I did not work well with Alt "Files", I say to decrease the importance of the suggestion by "Ctrl" that could remain as a "quick control"? It is therefore the order for symbols because I have not found Similar options! But I thought a 'more useful enough that from the fact that copying the text in Open Office or Abiword and paste it into Screem comes complete with tags and formatting, but formatting such as adding unnecessary tags <HEAD> that is already there and that we must try and erase, to avoid such removal, why not create an option to limit the number tags that also asks to overwrite wanting? A block tag number that when you paste a tag as <head> (there is a 1 page ) asks to overwrite it if you do not choose to ignore completely! need to think about ...