#28 Site Backups Feature

Mike McKee

It would be nice if I could choose "Tools\Backups..."
and a dialog could open for me to assign how often I
want my website pages to be backed up to some other
location on my system, such as /media/USBDRIVE (an
attached USB drive), /mnt/NTSERVER (a mounted NFS
connection), /home/webs (another place on my hard
drive), etc.

All this would do is edit a shell script in some
directory like /etc/screem/backups1.sh. It would then
connect your backup script to crontab.

Currently, I have a Bash script that I have set in
crontab. It backs up my website into a tar/gz file on
my USB drive every 4 hours, and deletes backup tar/gz
files that are older than 6 months.

Another thing about this is that sometimes you want to
label and save a particular backup, such as giving one
a name like "RELEASE 1 GOLD" and not let the archive
process destroy the file after 6 months.


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    Come on, this is not a feature you need in the HTML/XML
    editing environment! CVS (or better SVN) support is enough!!!

    If you want automatic backups, you need to handle them on
    you're own (bash script added to cron) or search for
    specific tool simplifying that.