How can I open 2 or 3 files in the same view?

  • Dear friends

    I would like to open 2, 3 ou more files in the same window when i click in the file name. How can I do this? I need a "parameter" or something like this in the gnome menu option?

    Regards from Brasil
    Paulino Michelazzo

    • David A Knight
      David A Knight

      needs the latest CVS version to do this without it starting a new copy of screem if one is already running.

      you could drag and drop the files onto the main screem window to open them.  the window, not the editor view or the urls will be inserted instead.

    • David A Knight
      David A Knight

      0.12.0 will now open files in a running version of screem when you click on the file in the file manager.