customizing "Highlight current line"

  • poker

    I like the "highlight current line" setting in the preferences menu. Is there any way to customize the colour of the line highlight?

    currently it is some light grey colour. I like to set my text background to a very light yellow colour, and therefore would like to set the line highlight colour to #FFFFFF white. Is this possible? I tried looking around in the settings and config files but couldn't find anything.

    Thanks for this program, I came across it when looking for a replacement for Bluefish, which feels clunky in a lot of very minor editing/UI behaviours, that in the end add up to worse experience. Screem feels like home right away :)

    • David A Knight
      David A Knight

      I don't think there is.  This feature is part of gtksourceview so if there isn't support to do it a feature request would be needed on that.