Could not run GLIB test

Paul Troke
  • Paul Troke
    Paul Troke

    I have come across the same error and downloaded and installed the latest version of GLIB, which is 2.7.3, but I still encounter the same error when attempting to configure screem.

    Any ideas?

  • David A Knight
    David A Knight

    same reason, either you don't have the development package installed, or if you installed 2.7.3 from source you installed it to a different prefix, in which case you will need to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH to include the directory where glib-2.0.pc can be found.

  • Roger Penn
    Roger Penn

    It's now over 5 years since you said the latest version of GLIB is 2.7.3 and the latest version I can find anywhere on the Internet is 2.2.26. Where on earth do you find >2.5.6?