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Autocompletion is all caps

Todd Parks
  • Todd Parks
    Todd Parks

    I am new to Screem but so far I like it very much. I do have a couple of questions regarding tailoring some of the options. When I begin typing in a tag name I get a dropdown box with a list of tags; however, they are all in caps and typing a "<h" does not grab the HEAD option, but typing "<H" will. As I do not capitalize my tags, can I change this so that the choices are not in caps? This would make things a bit easier.

    Also, I use Notepad++ when using windows and I like the way that it drops a vertical line from the tag to the next tag that is at that same indent level. This gives me a good visual representation of my nested structure. Can Screem be set up to do that also? Again, this is not critical but would certainly make it easier to use.