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Upload problem via FTP[Service not available]

  • Mattias Arro
    Mattias Arro


    I'm running Screem 0.16.1 on Ubuntu 7.04 and I'm unable to configure screem correctly to upload my sites via FTP.

    I created a new site named "Pansionaat" with the New Site Druid -

    Location: ftp://lend.pri.ee/
    Can be viewed at: http://lend.pri.ee/Pansionaat
    Do not delete anything: unchecked
    Check if files have just been moved: unchecked
    Do not ovverwrite files: unchecked
    Access rights: Maintain all
    Symbolic links: Maintain

    This created a folder ~/Pansionaat, with a file index.html. I added a few words to the index file and tried to upload it (Tools->Upload), it gave an error "Upload Wizard: Remote path must being with ~ or /"

    But i was unable to find the right configuration for "Remote path" in "Site settings" dialog. The default (lend.pri.ee/) gave the error, so i tried some values from phpinfo() output (open_basedir, script_filename and others alike), but none seem to work. The only result is having the upload progress bar pop up which fails and gives the error "Upload Wizard: Service not available".

    What should the "Remote path" be? May i have some libraries uninstalled?

    I tried using it simply with lend.pri.ee/ (without the /Pansionaat folder), but it still doesn't work.

    Thanks for this great app,