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Remote FTP support... reading / writing

Ryan Hayle
  • Ryan Hayle
    Ryan Hayle

    I haven't tried with FTP, but for SFTP, I can mount the tree from Nautlius (where it will ask for my password and optionally save it to gnome-keyring) then when I browse to it from Screem, the files are available.  I just have to give Screem access to my keyring.  It works really nicely, aside from the occasional crashes. :)

  • David A Knight
    David A Knight

    yes, this thread is from way back before such functionality was available from nautilus and the file selector.

  • MojoRyssen

    so, what is the verdict here? is there a definitive answer to this question: "can we do FTP?", and if so, where might we find some guidance?

    i've tried this method as shown in the screen cap gallery, but w/ FTP. i crashes the program on my system