#237 Inserting images too cumbersome

Thorsten Wilms

Using the image wizard for inserting image tags is much
too slow, as one has to navigate to the files while
they are most likely already visible in the files pane.

Please add a context menu option for inserting images
from the files pane.

It could also work per drag and drop.


  • David A Knight
    David A Knight

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    You can drag and drop. either middle button drag, or hold
    down alt to get a popup of options. select insert tag.

    Part of the navigating is due to a bug of not opening at the
    root of the current site being worked on. The file being
    visible is too much of an assumption I think as well, based
    off the split pane file view that was introduced in 0.14
    instead of the single tree.

    The best approach might be to default to being in the
    selected folder from the files pane. The current code
    doesn't provide a method of knowing this for plugins though.

    Along with this the dialog should probably be made non
    modal, so that you can drag files from the file pane.

  • David A Knight
    David A Knight

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