sCoreForge Character Sheet v6.1.0.2

Added Race Traits from PFCo: BoA.
Added options for more "Uses" types on weapons tab. [TICKET#796] [Wpns]
Adjusted Prestige class names, and sort order. [Prest]
Note: You may have to adjust classes with the load.
Corrected issues with some feats not displaying correctly. [TICKET#789/#805]
Corrected issue with Sea Singer and Familiar Feats. [TICKET#791]
Corrected issue with Crusader Heavy Armor Proficiency. [TICKET#793]
Corrected issue with Bardic Knowledge. [TICKET#795]
Added Two-Weapon Defense to Buffs Tab. [TICKET#797]
Corrected issue with Alternate Racial Trait. [TICKET#798]
Corrected issue with Trickery Domain and bonus class skills. [TICKET#799]
Added Chain Master to racial traits. [TICKET#803]


Posted by thebluecanary 2013-01-16