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[ef8f8b] by Neil Neil

Feature: [feature-requests:#1036]. Properties for ACPI Source Language.

2013-12-13 22:27:18 Tree
[230e5e] by John Donoghue John Donoghue

Add additional octave keywords to matlab.properties

* src/matlab.properties: add keywordclass.octave:
__FILE__ __LINE__ classdef end_try_catch
endclassdef endenumeration endevents endmethods
endparfor endproperties enumeration events
get methods parfor properties set static

2013-12-12 02:28:41 Tree
[4d7463] by Neil Neil

Hide Coverity scan files.

2013-12-13 22:17:45 Tree
[265b99] by Neil Neil

Fix typo.

2013-12-11 22:36:03 Tree
[28aa9a] by Neil Neil

Added tag rel-3-3-7 for changeset 8ca6b7af8c10

2013-12-11 22:15:58 Tree
[8ca6b7] (rel-3-3-7) by Neil Neil

Remove outdated warning.

2013-12-05 21:50:05 Tree
[3a01c0] by Neil Neil

Updates for 3.3.7.

2013-12-04 23:41:11 Tree
[eaab0f] by Neil Neil


2013-12-03 23:37:34 Tree
[16c31b] by Neil Neil

Avoid constant which is only available from recent releases of GTK+.

2013-12-02 23:13:37 Tree
[7f982e] by Neil Neil

Fix bad display of find and replace values when using strips.

2013-11-30 23:52:28 Tree
[96dcfd] by neilh@scintilla.org

Bug [#1557]. Fix SIGCHLD handling so that Lua scripts can determine the exit
status of processes they start.

2013-11-26 09:05:37 Tree
[d4dacf] by neilh@scintilla.org

Run unit tests.

2013-11-17 00:39:52 Tree
[6467ae] by neilh@scintilla.org


2013-11-13 23:36:30 Tree
[b05087] by Neil Neil

Use std:string instead of SString to avoid some invalid Coverity warnings.

2013-11-13 05:52:52 Tree
[0fbcf4] by Neil Neil

Ensure memory freed.

2013-11-08 00:45:27 Tree
[41c49a] by Neil Neil

Avoid warning by changing extreme value to still be in range of signed integer.

2013-11-06 23:47:47 Tree
[349712] by Neil Neil

Added lexical class for user defined literals in C++11.

2013-10-28 00:58:14 Tree
[fc4fc0] by Neil Neil

Avoid temporary file for Copy As RTF by using a string stream.

2013-10-24 05:49:37 Tree
[3fdc43] by Neil Neil

Bug [#1540]. Avoid multiple message boxes for read-only file with save.on.deactivate.

2013-10-21 11:00:59 Tree
[7594d1] by Neil Neil

Avoid a warning from Visual Studio Code Analysis.

2013-10-18 05:40:14 Tree
[0f83d0] by Neil Neil

Added DMAP lexer and updated Basic lexer.

2013-10-18 04:05:38 Tree
[0b4851] by Neil Neil


2013-10-18 02:39:59 Tree
[84f434] by Neil Neil

Reorder expression to avoid potential read beyond end in tag discovery.

2013-10-16 23:39:08 Tree
[ae5b30] by Neil Neil


2013-10-16 23:38:16 Tree
[64be22] by Neil Neil

Added tag rel-3-3-6 for changeset 528be8d6bf69

2013-10-15 21:16:45 Tree
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