#796 Cursor keeps position when inserting and changing line

Neil Hodgson
Scintilla (356)

This is a nice feature that TextPad has:
When inserting, replacing or deleting (with backspace), and then changing line with up or down arrow the cursor will be positioned on the column where the action began. This allows fast replacements or insertions of secuences on multiple lines.

Here is an example. With the following text, supose that we would like to prefix the line number with zero:

1. Item one
2. Item two
3. Item three

So the final result will be

01. Item one
02. Item two
03. Item three

Currently in order to do it, we should position the cursor on the first column of the first line, then press zero, then press down arrow, and press left arrow to reposition on the first column.

With the proposed feature, it won't be necesary to press left arrow, since the editor will remember the position before the inserting.


  • Neil Hodgson
    Neil Hodgson

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  • Neil Hodgson
    Neil Hodgson

    I'd expect most people would select the start of the three lines and press the '0' key.

  • Longtrail

    I'd really like to see this feature get developed, as an avid user of Textpad this feature is really useful, I'm now using NotePad++ (different job) and really miss this feature. It just makes editing much easier and a lot less mouse movement and mouse clicking to get to the correct position on a new line, essentially there's no need to touch the mouse as you go from line to line. I'm adding this comment as I understand Notepad++ uses Scintilla for its editing component...

    Thanks for all the great work on this project :-)


  • Foxhead Raven
    Foxhead Raven

    This would be an excellent feature to have. The column editor approach is ok if you want to prefix every line with the same value, but sometimes you're trying to type in a sequence or ad hoc values at the same position of every line.