#657 SciTe UI frustration with shrinking scrollbar handles

Neil Hodgson
SciTE (623)

more of a feature request: why does the scrollbar handle
get smaller as the text gets longer? requireing more
and more deft micro positioning to keep scrolling. why do we
have to waste so much energy hitting this increasingly smaller
target the more scrolling we have to do, it's counter productive.
and when you get near the end of text, the space between
the handle and down arrow gets impossible to hit
to scroll down a page at a time.
it don't get any easier as the years pass neither.
more of a slam on Windows. I know other GUI have better options.
an apple programs like quicktime has noticably improved handles.
but I'd bet someone could come up with a patch to fix even this.
I know this should be a Windows themeable thing, but
could we have a simple minimim pixel size for scrollbar handles?
a status bar item for textlen/lineend probably already is possible.
shrinking handles are ment to be indicators of the text length
but seems every one lets windows shrink them down to 4 pixels.
I have no idea if it's even doable w/o custom scrollbars & handing.
famous last words, how hard could custom scrollbars be?


  • Neil Hodgson
    Neil Hodgson

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    The scroll bars are standard windows controls behaving as described in the windows UI guidelines and I find them easy to use. I do not regard this as a bug and will not work on it. If you want to write your own scroll bars then go ahead.

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    Neil Hodgson

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