#310 Hidden text

Neil Hodgson
Scintilla (788)
Zoltan Magyar

If the displayed text contains hidden text (using
SCI_STYLESETVISIBLE) then the editing seems to be
messed up. E.g. if you select a block of text which
contains hidden text and try to delete nothing happens.
It is very annoying.


  • Neil Hodgson
    Neil Hodgson

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  • Neil Hodgson
    Neil Hodgson

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    This is behaving as designed.
    The original design was for text that contained formatting
    commands like "[blue]URL [black]for download" where the
    formatting commands were hidden and deleting them would
    remove the formatting. The container was expected to provide
    its own deletion commands (so deleting " [black]for" would
    move the active formatting command to the end of the
    deletion producing "[blue]URL[black] download") and would be
    protected against other causes of deletion. Not much work
    has been done on this sort of feature so the range of
    semantics needed is unknown. Any modification should start
    with a clear idea of the range of semantics needed.
    If you just want to turn this off for your work, in Style.h,
    change IsProtected to ignore visible and recompile.

  • Zoltan Magyar
    Zoltan Magyar

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    I see your point here but I'm not sure this design is quite
    useful as there is now way to apply delete properly.
    Actually the solution needed here is to hide the formatting
    tags as well as to join them to the formatted text. E.g.
    when [blue]URL[/blue] is selected for copy then not only the
    URL but also the formatting tags should be placed to the

    > If you just want to turn this off for your work, in Style.h,
    > change IsProtected to ignore visible and recompile.

    That's where I have started but it resulted weird results
    (deleting the last char of the hidden text it won't be
    hidden anymore). Therefore I have hacked this around by
    using hidden property on the formatting tags and protected
    on the URL bit. Then slightly reworked the delete functions
    in your code (uncommented the checks agains IsProtected).
    Now the formated text can not be edited and joined to its
    formatting markup but it can be edited. This is exactly what
    I wanted here.
    BTW your code is far more the best formatted and
    understandable code among the open source codes what I have
    seen recently. Well done.

  • Neil Hodgson
    Neil Hodgson

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