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SciGraphica / News: Recent posts

SciGraphica binary packages

Binary packages for version 0.8.0 are now available in rpm form for the following Linux distributions:

Mandrake 8.1
RedHat 7.2
SuSE 7.2
SuSE 7.3

Source rpms and tarballs are also available at the SciGraphica download page.



Posted by Conrad Steenberg 2001-12-27

SciGraphica 0.8.0pre1 available

Thanks to a hardworking team of dedicated full-time engineers, we are
pleased to announce version scigraphica-0.8.0pre1, along with the
corresponding gtk+extra-0.99.17 to SourceForge. The files should appear

An extensive Changelog is included in the archive, but suffice to say
that many bugs were slain, and some features were added.... read more

Posted by Conrad Steenberg 2001-11-21

SciGraphica release 0.6.1

Mainly bugfixes:

Bugfixes in 3D grid generation
Layer Control
More Python fixes
Recalc feature in worksheets
Clipboard fixes
Bugfixes in zterm

Stability should be much improved - check it out!

Posted by Conrad Steenberg 2000-12-05

Scigraphica goes 3D!

The GNOME/Gtk WYSIWYG scientific analysis tool Scigraphica reached an important milestone this
week with the release of version 0.6. Added features over 0.5 include 3D surfaces, contours and a host of new plot types for your viewing pleasure.

Posted by Conrad Steenberg 2000-11-22