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Experimental OPJ import filter (pure Python)

Several people have been asking about support for importing OPJ files in SciDAVis 0.2.x. While the changes and testing necessary to integrate liborigin[1] or liborigin2[2] properly and reliably with our current code base have so far prevented us from resurrecting "native" support for OPJ files,
there's now a second option available.

Miquel Garriga has kindly provided us with an OPJ-import Python module and script, which are currently able to partially (i.e. only tables and notes for now) convert Origin to SciDAVis projects. Apart from better handling of files created by different Origin versions, this solution has the advantage that it's written completely in Python and requires neither
knowledge of C++ nor SciDAVis internals for fixing issues or adding support for missing bits. The bulk of the code (i.e. the opjparse module) is independent of SciDAVis and may be of interest also if you want to extract data from OPJ files into other formats.

If you're interested,

svn checkout http://scidavis.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/scidavis/branches/current_stable/importOPJ

and have a look at the README. If you'd like to share improvements you make, you can post patches here:


[1] http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/labplot
[2] http://soft.proindependent.com/liborigin2/

Posted by Knut Franke 2010-04-14