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SciDAVis 0.2.0 released

SciDAVis 0.2.0 is a stable release with a new minor version number. This means it comes with many new features and is found to be stable enough to replace the 0.1.x versions. Especially tables and matrices have seen a lot of improvements/changes. This release includes all fixes of the 0.1.x-line and many resolved issues found during beta testing.
SciDAVis 0.2.0 is backwards compatible as it can read all files saved by SciDAVis 0.1.x. Files created with version 0.2.0 however cannot be opened by any older versions.
During the next days, you can also expect an updated version of the manual and some updated translations.
If you have any questions or comments about the new version, don't hesitate to use the help&tips forum.

Most important changes (since 0.1.4)
- multi-level undo/redo for all operations on
tables and matrices
- many operations on tables and matrices now support
non-contiguous selections
- the important options/controls for matrices
and tables are now integrated in a sidebar
of control tabs which make working with
column or matrix based data much more
convenient (almost no more opening and closing of
dialogs necessary)
- tables now support different formulas
for each cell
- numeric values are now stored independent of
their textual representation, i.e., you don't
lose data when hiding decimal digits
- formula edit mode: tables feature a new
mode which allows the user to individually edit
the formula for each cell
- invalid cells: tables now mark cells without
input as invalid rather than treating them
as 0; these cells are ignored in plots
- date/time values are now internally stored
as QDateTime objects which opens up many
new possibilities of date/time manipulation
using PyQt/Python scripting
- many bug fixes

Posted by Tilman Benkert 2009-02-15