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SciDAVis 0.2.0-beta1 released

The first beta version of SciDAVis 0.2.0 has been released. Please test it and report all bugs you can find.

=== Release 0.2.0-beta1, 2008-08-10 ===
Most important changes (since 0.1.3)
- multi-level undo/redo for all operations on
tables and matrices
- many operations on tables and matrices now support
non-contiguous selections
- the important options/controls for matrices
and tables are now integrated in a sidebar
of control tabs which make working with
column or matrix based data much more
convenient (almost no more opening and closing of
dialogs necessary)
- tables now support different formulas
for each cell
- numeric values are now stored independent of
their textual representation, i.e., you don't
lose data when hiding decimal digits
- date/time values are now internally stored
as QDateTime objects which opens up many
new possibilities of date/time manipulation
using PyQt/Python scripting

Known issues (to be fixed until 0.2.0 stable):
- the Python bindings for the new table
features are not finished yet
- there is currently no way to display which
formula has been assigned to which cell
in a table
- the date/time column functionality has
not been completely integrated and may
lead to empty plots in many cases

Posted by Tilman Benkert 2008-08-10