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What Is Scid?

SCID is an open application to view, edit, and manage collections of chess games.
SCID is multi-platform: it runs on Unix/Linux, OSX, Windows, and Android.

For a list of functionalities, see SCID's [Menus].
For a list of frequently asked questions, see our (new!) FAQ.
For a list of categorized wiki pages, click on Browse Labels in the left menu.

What Can I Get?

The [ScidProject] maintains these assets:

How Can I Give Back?

The [ScidCommunity] welcomes your help:

What is this Wiki?

This wiki updates the information architecture of SCID's documentation.
It also compiles of frequently answered questions about SCID.
Many additions result from discussions on SCID users’ mailing list.

Comments, corrections, and suggestions are welcome.
See also the [WikiColophon].


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