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Resources (6)

There are many gratis or libre resources to help you work with Scid.

Chess Games

Most chess games come in PGN. You can view or import these collections in Scid.

Mark Crowther’s The Week in Chess (TWIC) publishes games played each week.
Gerardo Fernandez' Now In Chess tracks games not included in TWIC.
Looise Shaakkring’s website provides TWIC Archives in Scid Format.

Ingo’s ICOfY collection of chess games is gigantic; information about tournaments, places, and rounds has been deleted.
Norm Pollock's page features a well-curated collection of games between top players.

Chessplayers' Files

Franz Nagl compiles information about players: ELO ratings, photos, and names.
Go get the latest data in SCID's files repository. For more information, consult the README.

Special Databases

Kiril Kryukov’s Endgame Tablebase Online provides endgame databases, along with all there is to know about them.

TODO. Exercises. Studies. Polyglot books.

Chess Engines

Scid comes equiped with chess engines.
Here are three free or open chess engines we like: Critter, Firenzina and Stockfish.
See [ComputerChess] for more resources.

Chess Clients

There are many places online to play chess for free;
SCID allows you to connect to the venerable Free Internet Chess Server.
Chess client alternatives include Martin Blume’s Arena, Felipe Bergo’s eboard, and PyChess.
Please refer to FICS’ clients’ list for other choices.

To play on FICS, we strongly recommend Timeseal, to reduce netlag and win more games.

See also

[ComputerChess] for resources on computer chess.
[ChessPublishing] for resources on publishing games.
[ChessTools] for command-line tools.
[ChessVariants] for information about ways to enjoy chess.
[ScidCousins] for alternatives to Scid.

Lars Balzer’s Chess Links compiles all the chess resources on the Internet, and beyond.
Edward Winter's Chess Notes is the most amazing website on Chess history.


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