2010/1/20 j.f.r <j.f.r@wp.pl>
W dniu 20-01-2010 16:15, Pascal Georges pisze:

   In version 4.2.1 does not work pgnscid.exe tool. Crashes to the desktop
   with a standard system error message (of course I run this program from
   the DOS window). In version 4.1 worked very well, without problems.

   Compact Database option has caused damage in my database, on which this
   operation have done. Cleared all the entries. I did not do a copy, but
   fortunately base was not too important for me. The database was small,
   only a few entries, but after this adventure, I made it this operation
   (experiment) at a larger database (over a million games). The result was
   the same.

   In the meantime I went back to the previous version of the SCID.

Could you please try version 4.2.2 and report any bug ? On some versions
of Windows it seems versions 4.2 and 4.2.1 were really buggy, hope this
is fixed now.

Hello again

I downloaded the latest version (4.2.2). Errors which are discussed earlier are gone and everything seems to work correctly (Compact Database, pngscid.exe).

I feel relieved :).

And me !
Supporting so heterogeneous platforms is not a piece of cake.