#10 A second Tree Window

Dr. David Kirkby

The tree windows is very useful. I often *lock* it to
one a database of GM games, whilst looking at my own
games. However, it would be useful if there was a
second Tree window, just like the first, which could
show data about the current database. There is for two
chess engines, so why not two tree windows?

By having two on the screen at the one time, one could
compare stats easily between ones own games and those
of GMs.

I would have thought this was not that hard to add,
since the code for one tree window is there.

I tried to do so myself - see a bit below.

### Second TREE window

namespace eval ::tree2 {}
set tree2(training) 0
set tree2(locked) 0
set tree2(base) 0
set tree2(status) ""

proc ::tree2::ConfigMenus {{lang ""}} {
if {! [winfo exists .tree2Win]} { return }
if {$lang == ""} { set lang $::language }
set m .tree2Win.menu


but I'm not sure what needs to be copied. Ideally it
would be sensible to have tree passed an argument, but
not knowing Tcl, I thought I'd just copy huge chunks.
But this did not get me too far.

Any tips on how one might do this?


    • status: open --> closed