I appreciate the need to keep the spec free as in speech. Balanced against this is the need to avoid divergence from the SMPTE spec. Maybe the thing to do is to split the Dirac spec into two parts, one corresponding to the SMPTE spec, but not owned by the SMPTE and freely available, the other corresponding to the interframe parts of Dirac (and also freely available). Then users can still get access to the whole spec even if we say that, in case of difference, the SMPTE spec takes preference. Whatever is done it will be a while and we'll try to keep everyone informed.

Please rest assured that we still want Dirac to remain a royalty free open technology. We're not going back on that.


At 14:13 15/03/2010, James Cloos wrote:
>>>>> "TB" == Tim Borer <tim.borer@bbc.co.uk> writes:

TB> I had in mind trimming the current Dirac spec of everything covered
TB> in SMPTE 2042.

That would severely reduce the use and usefulness of dirac.

Please don't.

The spec needs to remain free, and TeX source in git is as close to an
optimal choice as is available.

And, yes, I do mean free as GNU uses it.

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