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#25 Manual Level increment Revised


My son loves playing Childsplay , but gets frustrated when, as he completes
a level (any game), the level auto-increments beyond is 3 year old
abilities. An option to either auto increment levels, or manually
increment levels by clicking the dice would make this game much more usable
for my child.>>>

comments on closing request:
<<Recent childsplay="" versions="" have="" a="" dice="" you="" can="" click="" to="" go="" trough="" the="" levels.="">>

This is true. However, the level/difficulty automatically increases as each "round" of play is completed. I want to choose: 1. automatically increase difficulty (this is how it is now) OR 2. Only increase the difficulty when I click the dice.

Changing the following line of code:
def next_exercise(self):
if not ........
Changed-> """self.exercises -= 1"""

in the "Puzze.py" file prevents the puzzle from automatically entering level 2 until I choose to click the dice.
I can locate and change the code in each activity. This does not seem practical to me as every time you release a new rev, I would have to make the changes to any modified files. A better option seems to create a "Global" option/checkbox/menu selection that would have the desired effect on all activitied. I am new to linux and python, and do not currently have the coding knowledge to implement a "Global" selection for this change myself.

Thank you for your time and patience.


  • I understand why you want such behavior, however the way one can can prevent a level form increasing is different in each level as childsplay was designed to increase levels.
    As I'm currently busy rewriting other parts of childsplay I will post your request to the feature tracker so that we can look at this issue in the near future.



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