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#15 Profiles for various interpreters


Each scheme interpreter usually comes with its own sets of forms. Effectively each scheme system defines its own dialect of scheme. However Scheme Script currently supports only a single forms file. It will be better to support multiple form processors with the user choosing which files to load.

The required features are :

i) Specifying a default form processor file for each interpreter : One common use-case of this feature will be that the user will maintain a different form processor file for each interpreter. Therefore SchemeScript can ask the user to specify a default form processor file to be loaded whenever the user switches the interpreter.

ii) Ability to 'require' other form processor files so that the user can define only slight modifications without copying the files. For example chicken-without-tinyclos.scm , chicken-with-tinyclos.scm and chicken-common.scm
Kind of like 'source' in vim.

iii) Ability to switch form processor files just the way one can switch interpreters from a menu.


  • Related to this request: it would also be nice to have, instead of an "External Interpreter" option,
    several interpreter options. The user would then be able to add interpreters to the list.

    Right now, if I want to switch between interpreters, I have to change the description of the external
    interpreter over and over (as far as I can see -- tell me if I'm wrong!)