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Find Scheme symbol?

  • Hi,

    I have Schemeway 1.3.0.alpha7 installed on Eclipse 3.5.2, and so far everything
    seems to work well, except that the Find Scheme Symbol dialog doesn't seem to work.
    If I go there and type some symbol then press OK, the dialog vanishes and no result
    is shown (nothing is highlighted in the code I was editing either).

    Is this a bug or is there something I missed?

    - jp

  • Do you see symbol names in the "Matching symbols:" list as you type? You have to select one of them prior to pressing OK. If there is no matching symbol, the dialog box will simply close.


  • Hm, no - there is nothing in the "Matching symbols" list in the dialog - it remains empty while I type.

  • And of course you have some Scheme files in your workspace, right?

    Let me package a new release to see if that fixes your problem.


  • > Scheme files in your workspace

    Hm, not really - I was editing a single file (File -> Open File). Maybe the search tool could also check the current open files?

    • jp
  • Well, it currently only indexes Scheme resources that are part of a project. When the plugin is first loaded, it scans all the Scheme resources for definitions. When a Scheme resources is later modified and saved, it is scanned again. The underlying Eclipse mechanism for tracking resource changes does not work with external files.

    You could fill a feature request. It won't have high priority on my list, however. Sorry.