Texture resolution too HIGH

  • I loaded a BMP image and when I entered the coordinates and press generate INF I get an error message saying "Texture resolution too HIGH. Please check and try again".

    Then somewhere else on internet (not on the tool site) I got a tip that I had to manually adjust the CellDimDeg values to be get a resolution as close to 4 as possible. I did so and finally I could go through both steps.

    The problem now is that a DOS window appears and goes away immediately and a small "Done" window pops up giving the user the false impression that it was DONE well. After many PRINTSCREEN tries I managed to get a snapshot of the DOS window (the tool should better report these things!) and saw something that says :

    Unable to open data source 'unknown'
    Failed to create data source.

    All very cryptic to me.
    What have I done wrong? what must I do?