Enabling save to CMIS

  • This is a great and very useful project.

    I don't have the skills to add new features but if you're looking to add one, I'd really love a "Save to CMIS..." feature. CMIS is a standard for document management systems and there's already a Perl module for it: WebService::Cmis.

    Requirements would be to:

    1. Add a file menu item "Save to CMIS..." allowing navigation to a CMIS folder.
    2. In "Save to CMIS..." dialog, a button to select (and set as default) the CMIS repository (URL, username, password). This can be stored permanently.
    3. The password can be entered only when needed.
    4. In "Save to CMIS..." dialog, an option to select a directory/folder and retain list of preferred CMIS folders.

    Sample use case:
    Feed stack of paper in scanner
    Launch scan2pdf
    select scan button (window appears with default scanner selected)
    select profile
    press scan (pages scan)
    press close
    Select File>Save to CMIS...
    Save to dialog appears
    press icon/button "Select repository"
    dialog appears
    fill-in URL, user name, optionally password
    press OK
    connection takes place, root folder is displayed with sub-folders
    select sub-folder after navigating to the correct one
    enter document name
    press save
    dialog to enter password appears
    enter password
    press ok
    document is saved in PDF format in folder requested

    Thanks for considering...