Hooking it up

  • lololthis

    What OBDII connector can be used with this software? Thanks!

    • Anyone know this ? It unfortunately isn't very useful unless we know what hardware it might work with.

      • LMark

        Thru v 1.13 ScanTool works with the generic systems (Hong-Kong) from EBay. With v1.14 the developer introduced code changes that prevent it from working with the clones. You have to use the official commercial ELM hardware, after v1.14, that is only available through the ScanTool commercial website. I wonder if this is consistent with GPL. Mark

    • Bruce Baxter
      Bruce Baxter

      I have a generic ELM327 Interface that I bought off EBAY that worked just fine up until recently.  I recently downloaded V1.14 of the scantool.net software from the scantool.net web site and after working once, it began to complain that it didn't support the generic ELM327 interface and wouldn't work.  Later today I'm going to download 1.13 from source forge and try it.   I have successfully used it in the past...  Not sure what version, but I don't think it was the 1.14 version from scantool.net web site.