Mr David/Joseph

You are correct, you dont owe me anything nor do I owe you the trust.

I have a right to my opinion and I have concluded that your program is a bait since you are not cooperative in even the first step, ie the most elementary data-structure.

And your program is undocumented except for 0.000...001% of the experts who have time to chase the logic.

Its code scattered into many files where the only comment usually is the gnu license on the top.

The code is most likely NOT reusable.

Your stubbornness in not even properly stating how you represent BW,grey,color means you dont even want to broach the subject.

You are playing a very deft game,


"Unless you are already capable of reading it, I wont tell you anything." Which means, if one was already capable and had wasted time reading it, then there was no need apriori of asking you anything. You are well aware of the time involved as you say in your own words below.

People should know this before setting their heart on ST and trapped by this bait.

The argument of staying up all night is flimsy as RMS even said, often many programmers like to work at night and sleep during the day and otherwise can have odd hours.

more below

On Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 11:23 AM, Joseph Artsimovich <> wrote:
> Mr Chang,
> You are being ridiculous.  Me and David being the same person?  That
> would mean I was up all night arguing with you.
> Now, regarding your other allegations.  First of all, I don't owe
> anything to you, therefore you can't demand anything from me.  Yet, I
> spent hours helping you compile the program and answering your
> questions.  Guess what?  My time is valuable.  

That is why unless you explain, even the basics, why should anyone read the undocumented and obfuscated code ? You did not spend even some minutes explaining the data-structure.

Why was Anna Chapman wasting time in UK/US ... geographically, not that far from where you are ?

Why is russia wasting time in chechinya and island of hokkaido/sakhalin rather than minding their own business ?

Why is US wasting time in korea, DPRK, iraq and afghanistan ?

> Explaining every aspect
> of Scan Tailor's architecture and every implementation detail would
> probably take as much time as creating all of that.  

I only asked for the data-structure to see if it was worthwhile and test how cooperative you were. Reading some past interactions over the web had shaken my complete confidence in this matter.

YOU DID NOT EVEN GIVE 1/20th of the time you gave to help in compiling on EXPLAINING THE BASICS of OPERATION. This shows your TRUE INTENTIONS. You owe me NOTHING. But people come together on any cooperation based on GOOD INTENTIONS of the PARTIES INVOLVED, and stating their TRUE reasons. Yes, everyone in society can be isolated entity.

> Explaining every aspect
> of Scan Tailor's architecture and every implementation detail would
> probably take as much time as creating all of that.

And that is why it is not worthwhile to try to read it as it would take 10 times that time. Especially, I dont know which logic twists and obfuscations you have placed. You said it exactly, that open source is not a merit at all.

> Yet, I am willing
> to explain stuff that needs to be understood in order to implement a
> particular feature or make a particular change.  In your case, you
> haven't even told me what you are going to implement.  First you were
> into content box detection.  When I suggested an algorithm for you to
> try out, you changed your mind and said you are going to do some
> GUI-related work instead, without giving any details.  Then you ask lots
> of questions that have nothing to do with the GUI.  I ask you what
> exactly you are trying to implement and you don't answer.  More and more
> I get the impression you aren't interested in contributing - you are
> only interested in wasting my time.

Here is the most important part.

I wanted a basic understanding of the data-structure and operation of the program. Only certain relevant architecture details, so I have a basic framework in which to think. Any programmer would agree that the first basic thing is how you represent the pixel and image. If you say you dont have time, then you also spent time on writing it. Yet, you are not a user as you never send an image example, but spent time to write the program, for what reward ? Was it altruism ? But you are not willing to give even the 5 minutes to explain its basic operation, and your tone becomes curt and unfriendly on even stepping near that subject - it is quite detectable. And you say you spent hours helping me compile, ie promote its use - because it was intended as viral bait ?

> In conclusion, let me repeat myself: I don't owe anything to you and I
> am not going to waste any more time on you.

May be not with me since you may hold this conversation last night as a reason to justify hostility, bitterness and hate. Will you spend productive time (as opposed to wasting time) with anyone else who would be interested in helping you out ? without exhibiting the defensive reaction that comes out of you even before diving into the subject ?

I assume you can work with anyone more "civilized" than me (I dont use the kind of vulgar language that was used under that other nick).

Did someone treat you badly in UK ? Why are you so difficult ? You said you dont want any conversation privately. As you know that people are more comfortable resolving issues privately, and bringing good results publicly. Thats just my advice but you have your own cognitive and analysis capabilities and I respect that.

If this David character is not you, then you really should wonder who he is that he suddenly jumped in and started it so rudely with me to inflame me on purpose to cause a fight between us. Your work in writing a freely available scan processing software would be of much flame and irk to many parties and they would certainly try to divide cooperating people on this matter to improve the software. Think about it calmly. I am trying to help improve the software and I have similar time constraints as you, which makes it difficult for me to justify spending time on it unless you give some basic operational info and show a cooperative disposition. If that David is not you then he is definitely an odious spook who used the classic label of "insane" to stop people who question govt crimes as happened in the former USSR. These spooks want stuff for themselves, yet they want to deny it to the world at large.


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