Oh stop whining and do some work yourself, rather than expecting everything to be handed to you on a platter.  I'd like to see more design documents myself, but we don't have them, and I haven't been willing to generate them. 

The code is obviously not obfuscated.  I've read it.  There are even comments sprinkled here and there.   If you need some help understanding it, use doxygen and git to examine what data structures were changed when specific features were implemented or changed.

If Scantailor was designed as some kind of honeypot "bait", as you suggest, it's been a massive failure.  Joseph has easily generated a thousand lines of code for every line contributed by someone else.  I was fortunate that the features I most wanted were implemented by others while I was still sitting on my butt "getting around to it someday."  Even so, I've learned more about Qt from this source than I've learned from Qt tutorials.

As far as I'm concerned, the glass isn't half empty, it's 95% full.  If you're not willing, or not able, to top it off to your own satisfaction, at least show enough gratitude not be bitching about the 5% you didn't get for nothing.

2011/8/17 Raymond Chang <hyksos.chang@gmail.com>
On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 2:22 PM, David McDuffee <spamsickle@gmail.com> wrote:

>I'm not the same person, and I'm hardly a sycophant.

thats what you say. The irrational response with which you descended the
first time I see you since I have joined suggests otherwise.

>I've been
>critical of some of the design choices, but at the end of the day, the
>source code is there for me to change if I'm THAT dissatisfied.  It's
>obvious that hundreds of man-hours have gone into the development of
>this program, and the fact that the source is being made available is
>more than any of us really have any right to expect.

There is no assurance that the code is not obfuscated and convoluted by
a programmer trying to show how others are dumb. There is no assurance it
is even REUSABLE. The Open source is possibly a bait if the code is not
readable. I have not seen any of the two contributors Mr Kitagawa or Mr Petr
claim they understand it. They said they dont. He has intentionally made
it harder to understand and keep the box closed. Open source is a meaningless
and false Merit. Infact, the very confidence with which he challenges anyone
to go and read means it is obfuscated and not Reusable.

Why dont you explain why you (artsimovic) made that Ostensible excuse to
deny the explanation is smooth fashion ... I waited for many weeks and
almost a month for a reply and nudged gently but to no avail. I am sure
this guy wont do help without some kind of compensation and then it is
a trade and not a code that comes for free. I think people should understand
this and not be baited.

>I suspect if
>you're not capable of understanding the data structures by examining
>the scantailor files and the source code, you're probably not capable
>of changing the source code either.

In the process of improvement, I dont want to trace and spend effort
in Deciphering what he wrote, and wont spend any more effort unless
he shows that he is willing to explain.

Maybe if he wants to improve, he go and do it himself, learn
all the other needed fields. He read several C++ books. Maybe he
should have taken
Bjarne Stroustrup's compiler code and go from there. Stroustrup wrote
a thick book, many editions explaining the use of his language. Only
those who have ill intentions impede information right in the
beginning to hide the
very basics and poison the congenial atmosphere this way. He is responsible with
me and with anyone else who would fail to help.

>The problem isn't that the
>doxygen docs are html rather than pdf (honestly, why does that even
>matter?), it's that you aren't skilled enough to use them no matter
>what format they're in.

If you look at the site, it claims pdf can be produced. He/You can
make doxygen and put some
comments to explain.

>I can fully understand why Joseph would be reluctant to engage in
>"discussion" which is little more than a thinly-veiled attempt by
>incompetent programmers such as yourself to get him to implement the
>changes you'd like to see, but are incapable of coding.

You can only full understand if he is you and you and he have some
inside understanding. There is a lot of insider thing these days and
conning the others.

I know, he has no intention ab-initio and this scam of open source
is deceit.

I suspect he made this mailing list so he can censor things in his
own shop.

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