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0.5 release is fixed

Sorry 'bout the trouble, 0.5 is fixed now. I had accidently included some configuration files that were specific to my setup, I removed them and replaced them with generic ones.

Posted by Stephen Holder 2002-01-09

Doh... problems with the 0.5 release

I just removed the files from the 0.5 release, because I realized that I accidently included some files in the archive that really don't belong. I'll re-package it and post the correct files tonight when I get home from work.
Sorry about that.

Posted by Stephen Holder 2002-01-08

sBugs 0.5 released!

I have just released version 0.5 of sBugs.

This release includes a major extension to the sBugs architecture, enabling
transition handlers to be defined for each state change a defect goes through.
The default distribution includes handlers to assign defects on appropriate
changes, and to email all interested parties on any change.

Upgrading from 0.4.2:
Other than installing the new java code, there are a few database changes to make
as well. Please run the scripts database/transitions.sql and database/transition_handlers.sql,
in that order. You will also have to change the users table to include an email
address column, as follows:... read more

Posted by Stephen Holder 2002-01-08

sBugs 0.5pre1 released

Well, I had a lot less time to work on sBugs than I thought I would, so unfortunately 0.5 is not quite done yet. The new state transition architecture is in place, though, so I thought I would go ahead and give anyone who cares a sneak peek at whats coming. This is definetly unpolished - the default state configuration should be considered just for testing, it will probably change before the official 0.5 release, plus there are a few transitions that don't have pages yet. But the major bugs have been ironed out, and hopefully it won't take too much longer before I'm ready for an official 0.5.
In addition to the architecture enhancements, this release also finally includes db connection pooling (courtesy of poolman ( You'll want to tweak the configuration in poolman.xml, but I noticed a definite improvement in response time on my laptop (for systems w/ more resources, its not as noticeable, unless you're supporting a fair number of users at once).... read more

Posted by Stephen Holder 2001-12-09

Towards 0.5 and the future

Work progresses steadily towards version 0.5. The most important feature I'm implementing is a generic defect state transition architecture, which will allow you to attach your own handlers to any given state transistion to do whatever you want. The basic state transitions will be implemented using an included set of these handlers. I'll also be including a handler to automatically email relevant people when a defect's state changes, but this will probably require you to download JavaMail yourself, since from the license it doesn't look like I can distribute it with sBugs.
I was originally hoping to have 0.5 out this weekend, but I'm starting to come down w/ something, so we'll see how it goes.
I've also got a rough plan for features for 0.6 and beyond, if anyone is interested I can post it on the web site or to the developers list.
If theres anything you'd like to see, please submit a feature request, and post any defects you find to the bug tracker.

Posted by Stephen Holder 2001-10-23

Release 0.4.2 (Important!)

I realized that I goofed big time and was missing a bunch of files in CVS. I'm pretty sure the actual releases were missing some important stuff too. This fixes all of that, I ran through the process of installing from scratch, so I'm about 99% sure this one works :).
This also adds a database creation script, to make the process of setting up the sBugs database a bit easier, as well as including the PostgreSQL jdbc drivers in the distribution so you don't have to install them yourself. Struts is also included in CVS now, so building should be much more straightforward.

Posted by Stephen Holder 2001-10-22

sBugs 0.4.1 released

This is a bug fix release, with some UI enhancements. It makes navigating alot easier, as common pages are now easily accessible.

Posted by Stephen Holder 2001-10-20

Initial public release

This is the initial public release of sbugs, a defect tracking system written using Java and PostgreSQL. This release includes basic functionality to make it useable (submit, edit, resolve defects). More fancy features will be coming in the next week or so.

Posted by Stephen Holder 2001-10-19