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#81 Ion channel terms (SBPAX/SGMP)

Nick Juty
new term (59)
Nick Juty

Terms requested for SBPAX group to allow incorporation of Signaling Gateway Molecule Pages data.
cf. https://groups.google.com/group/biopax2model/browse_thread/thread/7d499648b4d2fafb?hl=en

(Submitted on behalf of Oliver/Ashok)

Initial proposed set:

1) Tau Open (milli second): mean channel open time
2) Tau Close (milli second): mean channel open time
*applicablility to all ions

3) Activation Gating (milli volts) : voltage/potential difference that opens a channel
*extent/duration of gating

4) Inactivation Gating (milli volts) : voltage/potential difference that continuosly closes a channel
5) Inactive gate time constant (milli second) : time in Inactivation gating

Channel Ion specific parameters: Channel ion is a small molecule (like Sodium, Calcium, Potassium etc)
1) Conductance (pico-siemens) : the ability of an ion channel to pass current, measure of current (amps) divided by voltage (volts)
2) gamma value (pico-siemens) : average conductance
3) gamma max value (pico-siemens) : maximum average conductance
4) Ionic selectivity (Dimensionless): the degree to which a channel allows a specific ion to pass while excluding other ions.