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This is the public issue reporting system for the SBML specification. Everyone in the SBML community is invited to report issues (such as typographical errors, lack of clarity, logical errors, missing information, etc.) using this system for any of the SBML specifications.

To create a ticket to report an issue, you must first log into SourceForge. Once logged in, a button for "Create Ticket" will become available in the left-hand column. (You can register for a SourceForge account for free.)

The current SBML specification documents are made available from documents page on SBML.org.

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284 list of URIs for SBML MIRIAM annotations open Christian Knuepfer 2 days ago Reported-Proposed 5  
282 'A Objective' -> 'An Objective' in FBC validation rules open Lucian Smith 2015-02-06 Reported-Proposed 5  
280 Need new validation errors to complement unit warnings pending Lucian Smith 2015-02-03 Accept-conformance-implications 5  
278 Units of Converted Booleans and Unitless Numbers pending Lucian Smith 2014-12-08 Accept-conformance-implications 5  
276 Mention the version/date of SBO described in the spec open Michael Hucka 2014-10-07 Reported-Proposed 5  
275 Mention the release version/date of SBO that is described in the spec accepted Michael Hucka Michael Hucka 2014-10-07 Reported-Proposed 5  
273 Allow mixed boolean/numeric math pending Lucian Smith 2014-09-13 Accept-conformance-implications 5  
272 Should rateOf(reaction_id) be allowed? pending Michael Hucka Michael Hucka 2014-08-11 Accept-conformance-implications 5  
260 Allow recursion in Function Definitions pending Lucian Smith 2014-04-23 Rejected-No_action 5  
187 Error in semantics element of MathML schema accepted Sarah Keating 2010-11-26 Accept-conformance-implications 8  
158 Inconsistency bet. schema & spec: are compartments optional? pending Michael Hucka Michael Hucka 2010-02-04 Accept-conformanc-implication 5  
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