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This is the bug and issue tracker for libSBML.

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371 spatial-BoundaryCondition implementation error open Harold F Gomez 2014-06-17 libSBML-5.10.0 None  
370 Geometry definitions and spatialIds open Sarah Keating Harold F Gomez 2014-06-12 libSBML-5.10.0 None  
368 namespace libsbml problem on different Linux platform (gentoo and opensuse) open dilawars 2014-03-06 libSBML-5.9.2-experimental None  
367 install libSBML for matlab on Mac open Camille Blin 2013-12-16 libSBML-5.9.0 None  
364 TranslateSBML mex error: undefined symbol: _ZN9UnitsBase6check_ERK5ModelS2_. open Sarah Keating Zoltan Tuza 2013-11-19 libSBML-5.9.0 None  
363 5.8.0 macosx dmg requires R framework open Michal Galdzicki 2013-10-23 libSBML-5.8.0 None  
362 XMLNode::getChild documentation misleading for the starting index value pending Lucian Smith David Nickerson 2013-10-14 libSBML-5.8.0  
361 python libsbml 5.8.0 returns error code -2 (LIBSBML_UNEXPECTED_ATTRIBUTE) when attempting to setAnnotation with a string as input open Jeremy D Zucker 2013-09-12 libSBML-5.8.0 None  
360 C++ Namespace Wrapping open Anonymous 2013-03-05 libSBML-5.8.0  
359 Build error Matlab R2012a and libsbml 5.7.0 open MarcoFondi 2013-01-16 libSBML-5.7.0  
356 Installation problem open Anonymous 2012-08-31 libSBML-5.6.0  
326 getNotesString result not intuitive open Sarah Keating Ralph Gauges 2011-05-23 libSBML-5.8.0  
283 back-converting models with inconsistent units open Lucian Smith 2009-10-13 libSBML-5.8.0  
253 problem with documentation of delay AST_nodes open Michael Hucka Sven Sahle 2009-05-19 libSBML-5.8.0  
242 addProduct etc using a species open Sarah Keating 2009-04-06 libSBML-5.8.0  
180 OSX framework support open Frank Bergmann 2008-07-16 libSBML-5.8.0  
174 Layout extension docs are not well integrated open Michael Hucka 2008-06-15 libSBML-5.8.0  
116 Indentation with mathML annotation/annotation-xml open Sarah Keating 2007-12-07 libSBML-5.8.0  
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