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SBLIM JSR48 CIM Client 2.2.2

Today the SBLIM project has released the JSR48 CIM Client for Java version 2.2.2. It contains three new features:

  • A new Java property - sblim.wbem.synchronizeNumericKeyDataTypes - can be used to synchronize numeric data types of keys in a CIMInstance's CIMObjectPath with those in its CIMProperty[] FOR CIMOM RESPONSES ONLY. (#3598613)
  • One new internal API - WBEMClientSBLIM.sendIndication - can be used to send a CIMInstance representing an indication to a specific URI. (#2616)
  • A new Java property - sblim.wbem.sslCipherSuitesToDisable = can be used to disable a list of cipher suites when connecting via an SSL socket. (#2618)

The complete list of changes follows:

2624 Update detailed release history HTML for 2.2.2
2618 Need to add property to disable weak cipher suites for the secure indication
2623 Reflect SourceForge upgrade in documentation
2616 Add new API WBEMClientSBLIM.sendIndication()
2621 Not all chunked input has trailers
2620 Chunked output broken
2619 Host should contain port when not 5988/5989
2615 Add Allura links to detailed release history HTML
2614 Remove redundant code in transmitRequest
3602604 Clean up SAXException messages
3601894 Enhance HTTP and CIM-XML tracing
3598613 different data type in cim instance and cim object path
3596303 windows http response WWW-Authenticate: Negotiate fails

Posted by Dave Blaschke 2013-03-15