SBLIM JSR48 CIM Client 2.2.0

Today the SBLIM project has released the JSR48 CIM Client for Java version 2.2.0. It is fully compliant with the final JSR48 1.0.0 specification. In order to comply, several APIs were removed while several others changed their behavior. Please see the following for more information:

Version 2.2.0 also contains several new features:

* One new internal API - WBEMClientSBLIM.enumerateNamespaces - can be used to obtain a CloseableIterator of namespaces (#3516848)
* One new internal API - WBEMClientSBLIM.isActive - can be used to determine if the client is active (initialized and not closed) or inactive (#3522904)
* A new Java property - sblim.wbem.httpWwwAuthenticateInfo - can be used to specify the WWW-Authenticate info to use when sending the first HTTP request to a server (#3524050)M/li>
* A new sample - Jsr48IndicationTester - demonstrates a general purpose indication test program with a command line interface (#3529066)
* Four new internal APIs - LogAndTraceManager.addCIMXMLTraceListener, removeCIMXMLTraceListener, clearCIMXMLTraceListeners, and getCIMXMLTraceListeners - can be used to trace CIM-XML requests and responses (#3554738)

Version 2.2.0 also contains several changes that might affect existing applications:

* The JSR48 API CIMObjectPath.toString() has been enhanced to produce consistent output - this may result in different output from previous releases, but the API documentation already states "This method is intended to be used only for debugging purposes. The format of the value returned may vary between implementations." (#3510090)
* The internal classes WBEMAuthenticationException and WBEMTransportException have been deleted after being deprecated in version 2.1.0.(#3525128)
* The internal API CIMResponse.isSuccessul has been deleted after being deprecated in version 2.1.1.(#3525135)
* The internal constant WBEMConstants.PROTOCOL_CIMXML has been deleted after being deprecated in version 2.1.3.(#3525138)
* The internal constant WBEMConstants.PROTOCOL_CIMXML has been deleted after being deprecated in version 2.1.3.(#3525138)
* The internal API CIMDeleteNameSpaceOp.getNamespace has been deleted after being deprecated in version 2.1.5.(#3525145)
* The internal API CIMGetClassOp.getPropertyLis has been deleted after being deprecated in version 2.1.0.(#3525150)
* The JSR48 properties PROP_ENABLE_CONSOLE_LOGGING and PROP_ENABLE_FILE_LOGGING are now levels ("OFF", "ALL", etc.) instead of "0" and "1" (#3521157)
* The internal API WBEMListenerSBLIM.getInstance has been deleted, use "new WBEMListenerSBLIM" instead (#3529062)
* Two new Java properties - sblim.wbem.sslClientPeerVerification and sblim.wbem.sslListenerPeerVerification - can be used to control SSL peer authentication for client/listener; users who had previously enabled client/listener peer verification by setting the value of will additionally have to set one or both of these new properties to a non-default value in order to enable peer verification (see Getting started with secure connections and Getting started with secure indications for details) (#3536399)

The complete list of changes follows:

3567429 Update detailed release history HTML for 2.2.0
3555752 Sync up javax.* javadoc with JSR48 1.0.0 Final IV
3565581 TCK: remove unnecessary overriding methods
3562235 LogAndTraceBrokerTest breaks unit test tracing
3536399 Add client/listener peer authentication properties
3529151 TCK: CIMInstance property APIs include keys from COP
3536398 Update HTML to reflect secure indication support
3554738 dump CIM xml by LogAndTraceBroker.trace()
3553858 Append duplicate HTTP header fields instead of replace
3535383 HashDoS fix 3498482
3545797 Support new error code of SFCB
3529066 Add Jsr48IndicationTester
3524050 Improve WWW-Authenticate in
3529065 Enable WBEMListener get/setProperty
3529062 WBEMListenerFactory should return new instance
3527580 WBEMClient should not throw IllegalArgumentException
3526681 CIMError valid status codes out-of-date
3526679 DOM parser ignores ERROR node CODE
3526675 Unit test fails on Java 7
3525914 TCK: SetPropertyTest.testSetProperty failing
3521157 JSR48 1.0.0: PROP_ENABLE_*_LOGGING is Level, not 0/1
3525657 Sync up javax.* javadoc with JSR48 1.0.0 Final III
3525150 Remove CIMGetClassOp.getPropertyLis
3525145 Remove CIMDeleteNameSpaceOp.getNamespace
3525138 Remove WBEMConstants.PROTOCOL_CIMXML
3525135 Remove CIMResponse.isSuccessul
3525128 Remove WBEMTransportException/WBEMAuthenticationException
3523918 " Unexpected EOF" returned as HTTP 401
3522904 Add new API WBEMClientSBLIM.isActive()
3521328 JSR48 1.0.0: remove WBEMClient associators and references
3521119 JSR48 1.0.0: remove CIMObjectPath 2/3/4-parm ctors
3521131 Sync up javax.* javadoc with JSR48 1.0.0 Final II
3466280 get instance failure for CIM_IndicationSubscription
3513228 Reliable Indications support can create lots of threads
3517503 Missing parm in CIMDataType ctor javadoc
3516848 enumerateNamespaces() method to WBEMClient
3515180 JSR48 log dir/file should handle UNIX/Win separators
3514685 TCK: getProperty must return default values
3514537 TCK: execQueryInstances requires boolean, not Boolean
3513357 Handle multiple CDATAs in CimXmlSerializer
3513347 TCK: CIMObjectPath allows empty string
3513343 TCK: CIMObjectPath must validate XML schema name
3513349 TCK: CIMDataType must not accept null string
3513353 TCK: CIMDataType arrays must have length >= 1
3511454 SAX nodes not reinitialized properly
3510090 Fix CIMObjectPath.toString() inconsistencies
3510321 Handle CDATA in CimXmlSerializer
3505681 Add detailed release history HTML
3500619 JSR48 1.0.0: CIMClass association/key clean up

Posted by Dave Blaschke 2012-09-14