New Release: SBLIM JSR48 CIM Client 2.1.3

Today the SBLIM project has released the JSR48 CIM Client for Java version 2.1.3. This release is now fully compliant with the latest JSR48 spec including full support of the new pulled enumeration APIs. It also fixes several issues:

2912104 Sync up javax.wbem.* with JSR48 1.0.0
2907527 Fix SLP properties issues
2901216 lost IndicationURL for IndcationListener.indicationOccured
2903373 Java doc incorrect
2900875 Javadoc should link to external Java5 Objects / APIs
2886829 JSR48 new APIs: referenceClasses & referenceInstances
2899859 javax.wbem.client missing JSR48 credential/principal APIs
2899389 Password maximum length of 16?
2888774 support POST retry on HTTP error 505
2878054 Pull Enumeration Feature (PULL Parser)
2884718 Merge JSR48 and SBLIM client properties
2882448 Add WBEMClientConstants from JSR48
2858933 JSR48 new APIs: associatorClasses & associatorInstances
2870455 Missing CLASS_ARRAY_T in CIMDataType
2839595 SLP discovery fails on Unix IPv6 systems
2865222 enumerateQualifierTypes shouldn't require a class name
2845128 CIMObjectPath.toString() misses host
2846231 connection failure on CIMOM w/o user/pw
2860081 Pull Enumeration Feature (DOM Parser)

Posted by Dave Blaschke 2009-12-15