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--- a/src/code/foreign.lisp
+++ b/src/code/foreign.lisp
@@ -16,8 +16,7 @@
 (defun extern-alien-name (name)
-      #!-win32 (coerce name 'base-string)
-      #!+win32 (concatenate 'base-string "_" name)
+      (coerce name 'base-string)
     (error ()
       (error "invalid external alien name: ~S" name))))
@@ -54,7 +53,10 @@
 On non-linkage-table ports signals an error if the symbol isn't found."
   (declare (ignorable datap))
-  (let ((static (find-foreign-symbol-in-table name  *static-foreign-symbols*)))
+  #!+sb-dynamic-core
+  (values (ensure-foreign-symbol-linkage name datap) t)
+  #!-sb-dynamic-core
+  (let ((static (find-foreign-symbol-in-table name *static-foreign-symbols*)))
     (if static
         (values static nil)
@@ -81,8 +83,7 @@
   (multiple-value-bind (addr sharedp)
       (foreign-symbol-address symbol datap)
-    #+sb-xc-host
-    (aver (not sharedp))
+    #+sb-xc-host #!-sb-dynamic-core (aver (not sharedp)) ()
     ;; If the address is from linkage-table and refers to data
     ;; we need to do a bit of juggling. It is not the address of the
     ;; variable, but the address where the real address is stored.
@@ -104,7 +105,7 @@
 ;;; Cleanups before saving a core
 (defun foreign-deinit ()
-  #!+(and os-provides-dlopen (or (not linkage-table) win32))
+  #!+(and os-provides-dlopen (not linkage-table))
   (when (dynamic-foreign-symbols-p)
     (warn "~@<Saving cores with alien definitions referring to non-static ~
            foreign symbols is unsupported on this platform: references to ~
@@ -155,9 +156,17 @@
 (defun !foreign-cold-init ()
+  #!-sb-dynamic-core
   (dolist (symbol *!initial-foreign-symbols*)
     (setf (gethash (car symbol) *static-foreign-symbols*) (cdr symbol)))
-  #!+(and os-provides-dlopen (not win32))
+  #!+sb-dynamic-core
+  (loop for table-address from sb!vm::linkage-table-space-start
+          by sb!vm::linkage-table-entry-size
+          and reference in sb!vm::*required-runtime-c-symbols*
+        do (setf (gethash reference *linkage-info*)
+                 (make-linkage-info :datap (cdr reference)
+                      :address table-address)))
+  #!+os-provides-dlopen
   (setf *runtime-dlhandle* (dlopen-or-lose))
   (setf *shared-objects* nil))